If you’re interested in helping your local community, volunteering, fund-raising, organising projects, using your talents, gaining new skills, making friends and having fun – you can do all of this and more as a Lions Club member or volunteer – Wyn Devonald, President

There’s nothing like being a Lion. We make a difference in our communities and in the lives of the people we help. Even though Lions spend most of their time giving, they also get so much in return – from as little as three hours a month. 

Here’s some of the great benefits of being a Lion.

    • The fun and fellowship 
    • Opportunities to lead
    • You get when you give 
    • That ah-ha moment – Every member has a story about the moment they truly became a Lion. That day when they helped someone who had nowhere else to turn. The heartfelt thanks. The hope you restored through your kindness. That’s why we’re Lions.

These are just some of the great benefits of being a Lion. So share the joy of being a Lion by inviting a friend or family member to join you in helping the local community.

Make the most of each day – Make the most of your membership!

Giving. Gaining. Growing.